In 2011, a group of scientists discovered massive blooms of plankton in a place where no one expected to find them: under the sea ice. People had previously thought plankton could only bloom in open water after the ice retreats and light can get in. But here they were. And in huge numbers. How is this possible? Is enough light getting through the thinning ice? Does this mark a new climate paradigm for the Arctic? This spring, the same group of scientists are heading back out to answer some of these questions.

About The Author

Ben Harden

Ben is a polar oceanographer and meteorologist working at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He is also a multimedia producer making radio and video programs. On this expedition Ben will be documenting the science and life aboard the Healy in a range of mediums.

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  1. Barry Craig

    I’m hooked! Cant wait to follow this expedition further.


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