The Healy will be our home for the next 6 weeks at sea. Read more about her.

About The Author

Amanda Kowalski

Amanda is a photographer and multimedia producer. Her work ranges from magazine photography to eclectic short films. Her goal is to document the science as well as the daily life on the Icebreaker Healy. Amanda will be making regular photography and video posts to the website.

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  1. Erin Curtis

    Amanda, Your photos are amazing. You are a very talented women. Thank you for sharing your gift. My boyfriend is on the Healy. if you get the chance tell Don Delach I say hi. Again thank you for sharing your amazing gift.

    • Amanda

      Thanks, Erin, it has been a pleasure to work on the Healy and I will say hello to Don if I have the opportunity to meet him.

      • erin curtis

        Amanda I am a teacher at rocklin elementary. My student look forward in seeing what drawings you will post next. They like looking at and observe your beautiful pictures. Again thank you for posting your amazing talent.

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