Kevin Arrigo Ph.D.
Chief Scientist on the Healy

Were you interested in Science in Elementary school? If so, what kind of Science?

“Yes. I loved bugs, snakes, frogs and fish. One time, as a First grader, I was asked to come to the Fifth grade classroom to show them all the animals I had collected, that inspired me even further.”

How many years of school did you need to become a scientist?

“I had to go to school for 22 years! A long time, but I loved it.”

Have you always been interested in the ocean?

“Yes, I’ve always loved ocean animals, in particular. I had lots of fish tanks growing up. One Christmas morning I woke up to find my small goldfish inside a large aquarium.”

Which do you like better, the Arctic or Antarctica?

“Currently, I like the Arctic better because the environment is changing. That is why we are here studying once again.”

About The Author

Jan Arrigo

Jan currently teaches Kindergarten and First grade in Palo Alto, CA. She looks forward to a new challenge in the Fall of both Second and Fourth grades. Her main focus on the Healy will be to bring real world Science to elementary school students through text, pictures, videos and live streaming.

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