Kathy T. and Julie B.’s Third Grade Classes Canandaigua, New York asked:

Has anyone fallen through the ice?
So far, no one has fallen through the ice! Luckily, whenever we are outside, the Coast Guard has us wear coats that either float or have an inflatable attached.

Have you been through any storms?
We have not been through any storms.

What does it look like when the ship is cutting through ice?
Looking down from the bridge (top front room of the ship) the ship seems to be gliding over the top of the ice and snow. Then cracks begin to form on either side, getting wider and wider. The ice weakens and soon bends from the weight of the ship. Soon it all breaks free and large chunks of ice begin floating in the water of the widened cracks.
It sounds like a very heavy thunderstorm when the ship is breaking ice, there is also a scraping sound. It is very loud as the ship vibrates and shakes. Most of us wear ear plugs to bed! Take a look at this video of the ship breaking ice!

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