Kathy E’s. Second Grade Class asked:

Are there any mosquitoes where you are?
There are no mosquitoes here on the ship or outside- it is too cold!
However some flies have managed to get onboard-they have been found in the small area called the aft con, where the winch is controlled that lowers instruments.
So far, they have found 20!

How long did it take you to get to your present location?
We left Dutch Harbor on May 13 and today is June 1, so about 18 days.

What do you eat?
Please see the post “Ship Life” to learn about all the delicious foods we eat and where we eat them.

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Jan currently teaches Kindergarten and First grade in Palo Alto, CA. She looks forward to a new challenge in the Fall of both Second and Fourth grades. Her main focus on the Healy will be to bring real world Science to elementary school students through text, pictures, videos and live streaming.

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