Taro  from Addison Elementary asked:

How long did you take to get there? 

Dutch Harbor

It was a long trip!  We first had to travel by airplane from San Francisco to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  We flew from San Francisco to Seattle, then on to Anchorage, and from there to Dutch Harbor.  We arrived the same day we left- May 11.  In Dutch Harbor we moved on to the Coast Guard Ship, The Healy on May 13th and left that day for the Chukchi Sea.  It took us about 3 days of sailing to finally reach the Chukchi.  We’ve spent most of our time sailing around the Chukchi taking samples and doing research.

Can kids go to the Arctic too? It would be a fun field trip!

Well it certainly would be a fun field trip and a long one!  You could certainly take a trip with your parents to Alaska!!  We are on a Coast Guard ship, which is a division of the military.  Unfortunately, you need to be an adult to travel on the Healy.  Maybe you can talk to your parents about a family trip sometime to Alaska!

I love drawing.  “How Can I Get to Be an Artist-in-Residence?

I asked our resident artist and she suggested;  continue to draw/ practice, practice, practice!  When you are a grown – up seek out opportunities to travel and capture the experience through your art!

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