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What are the sounds of the arctic and the ship you are on? 

There are many, many sounds, but most of them come from the ship.  While sailing in open water we hear the “swish” of water as we sail through- inside the ship a lot of things are rattling around from the vibration of the ship moving and that takes getting used to! The ship also sounds its very loud horn every few minutes or so to warn any other boats that we are coming through.

Can you hear many animals and what do they sound like? 

kitty wake

 We have heard Kitty Wakes (which are a species of seagull) squaking.  The other animals we’ve seen have been too far away to hear them if they are making any sound.

What does it sound like when the ship pushes against the ice?


There are many sounds as the ship breaks ice.  When it’s time to sleep, many of us wear earplugs.  Sometimes it sounds like a great thunderstorm.  There are crashing, and scraping and grinding noises as the ship breaks ice, and there is rattling and banging inside from all the shaking the ship is doing.  It feels like an earthquake!  (Take a look at the video on the website- question#4)

Are the people on the ship quiet most of the time or do they ever get loud or noisy?

It depends where you are on the ship.  The bridge is pretty quiet as that is where the Captain is working.  The science lounge is also quiet as that is where people read, go on the computers, or work.  The main lab can be quite noisy!  There are a lot of scientists working with instruments, talking, and playing music as they work.  The people are noisy and the instruments are as well!   There is sometimes loud music coming from the berthing rooms- but in general the people on the ship are fairly quiet.

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