Choreography & Performance: Jody Sperling

Video Editing: Ben Harden & Amanda Kowalski

Camera: Tripod, Frank Bahr & Pierre Coupel

Music: Beo Morales & Brooks Williams

Costume Design: Mary Jo Mecca & Gina Nagy Burns in collaboration with Jody Sperling

Costume Construction: Mary Jo Mecca | Costume Painting: Gina Nagy Burns

About the video:

This video is an edited montage of me dancing at ice stations in the Chukchi Sea. The raw footage, as well my research and inspiration from this Arctic voyage, will be incorporated into future projects, such as a longer-format movie and a stage work for my full company Time Lapse Dance. To stay informed about related projects and events, please visit my website:


I’d like to thank the entire SUBICE 2014 Coast Guard crew and science party for their contributions to this project. Before I arrived on the Healy, I expected some raised eyebrows and a little resistance to the idea of having a choreographer aboard a research vessel. What I encountered was total support and genuine enthusiasm for this work at every level of engagement.

Chris Polashenski, who organized the ice station deployments, made sure to include a dancing area in the station plans. At times, even Captain Reeves suggested locations and offered subtle encouragements. BMCM Tim Sullivan generously donated his photography skills—honed capturing wildlife from the bridge—as did XO Greg Stanclik. The deck crew and ice rescue team were unfailingly generous in providing resources, hauling gear, scouting locations and testing the ice while being mindful of footprints. Thanks for keeping me safe and also letting me do the work!

Many crew and science party members volunteered as camera operators during my dozen ice forays, including Pierre Coupel and Frank Bahr who contributed much footage to the video above, as well as the aforementioned Tim Sullivan, Maria Pisareva, Will Pickart, BM2 Kevin Lekich and ENS Carolyn Mahoney.

Additional thanks to the Takuvik team for the loan of their camera and Toby Martin for hair gel.

Extra special thanks to:

Ben Harden & Amanda Kowalski for making a this video. Bob Pickart for inviting me on the cruise, which has been a life-changing experience. Larry Pratt for introducing me to Bob and setting this path in motion. My family for letting me leave you for almost seven weeks to pursue this Arctic dream.

About The Author

Jody Sperling

Jody is a dancer, choreographer and writer based in New York City. Founder and Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance she seeks to glean as much as possible about the sea ice to find ways to express its dynamism and fragility on stage.

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