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Master Chief Sullivan

Master Chief Sullivan is the senior enlisted person on the ship. He works directly with the captain and has been on the Healy for over six years. This is his tenth deployment to the Arctic and photography is his favorite hobby while at sea.

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  1. Phil Kowalski

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us, they are spectacular! I have a special interest in polar bears pictures and was hoping I’d get to see some. Looking forward to the remainder of the trip.

    Phil Kowalski

  2. Ted Lindstrom

    Photography is Master Chief Sullivans hobby; his real skill is as HEALY’s navigator, making sure the ship is safe as it goes where no other ships have gone as HEALY collects data to make charts for future mariners.

  3. John Cleverdon

    Tim, your pictures look great! Kind of wish I had made the first half of the trip up there!


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