The LOKI net is one of the tools the team are using to understand the biology of the Chukchi Sea. The net funnels plankton past a camera as it is drawn upwards through the water. The weave is so fine on the net that micrometer scale plankton are trapped inside. Moritz Schmid is in charge of this instrument and analyses the pictures captured by the Loki. He’s looking at things larger than 100 micrometers, mostly zooplankton, to determine how many of each type are around. As of a week into the expedition, he is seeing very little deeper that 20 cm down because all the zooplankton are feeding off the algae that lives on the bottom of the ice. As the phytoplankton begin the bloom in the water later in the season, he expects to find more lower in the water as the feast reaches greater depths.

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Amanda Kowalski

Amanda is a photographer and multimedia producer. Her work ranges from magazine photography to eclectic short films. Her goal is to document the science as well as the daily life on the Icebreaker Healy. Amanda will be making regular photography and video posts to the website.

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  1. Patrick Arsen

    Our son is currently assigned on the Healy and couldn’t be more proud of him and all the crew. You guys are doing a great job! And it’s just nice to be see a little part of his world. Thanks!!!

    • Ben Harden
      Ben Harden

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the comment – glad you’re enjoying an insight into Healy life. Your son and the rest of the coastguard really do great work out here!



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