Tanja Schollmeir
Master’s student at the University of Alaska

What are you studying?

“Marine Biology. Initially, I was interested in dolphin therapy, which is using them to help children and adults with physical or mental impairments. Eventually I decided that I wanted to study animals that live on the bottom of the ocean, but I still like dolphins!”

What do you hope to find?

“I want to learn the effects of climate change on the animals at the bottom.”

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve recovered?

“Well for this trip so far, it has to be the five sea urchins that were brought up. Overall, the most interesting thing was a coral. The grabber got pulled off to side angle and the line was off to the side. It accidentally caught a coral that was about 5 feet long! It has this beautiful flower type structure on top.”

About The Author

Jan Arrigo

Jan currently teaches Kindergarten and First grade in Palo Alto, CA. She looks forward to a new challenge in the Fall of both Second and Fourth grades. Her main focus on the Healy will be to bring real world Science to elementary school students through text, pictures, videos and live streaming.

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