Hailey F. asked:

Do phytoplankton have eyes? How do they see?
They do not have eyes. Phytoplankton are plant-like.

How cold is the water where you are right now?
The water is about 29 degrees F. (-1.6c)

Do phytoplankton sink to the ocean floor?
Yes, they sink to the ocean floor and decompose, if they’re not eaten first!

Can you touch a phytoplankton? How big are arctic phytoplankton?
When there are so many that the water is colored green, then you can touch them! They are very small and can only be seen with a high powered lens.


Tai T . asked:

Do the scientists and crew have fun technology on the ship like iPods and games to entertain them?
Yes, iPods and computers, as well as board games and cards. (see the post on “Ship Life”)

Why is it bad if the phytoplankton bloom early?
Many of the other animals life cycles normally occur with the phytoplankton bloom. If the bloom is too early, then it will be gone by the time they usually arrive to feed.

Are there other purposes other than algae blooms that your expedition is trying to study?

Scientists are also studying the ice and the ocean currents that affect the algae blooms.

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