Fraser, Cameron and Malcom from Addison Elementary asked:

Does the sun ever set?

The sun does not set at this time of year.

Beginning with the spring equinox (March 21) the sun rises higher each day until the summer solstice (June 21) when it is at its highest. We have had sunlight for 24 hours a day on this trip.  Many of us wear sleep masks to bed to help our bodies “think” that it is night time.

What are the daily temperature ranges?

The daily temperature ranges during this trip have been roughly 3 degrees F to just above freezing at around 33 F.

Has anyone on the expedition fallen through the ice or even come close to?

No one has really fallen through the ice. A couple of people found themselves up to their knees in water while walking around on a melt pond. The Coast Guard is ready if anyone does happen to fall in- they have special training in ice rescue (lucky for us).

Coast Guard ice rescue

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