Joshua H. from Oxford, England asked:

How long is the night? Does it ever get dark in the Chukchi Sea at this time of year?

No, it does not get dark at this time of year in the Chukchi.  The sun is rising higher each day between March 21 (Spring equinox) and June 21 (Summer Solstice) when it is at its highest.

In relation to Bob’s comment on video posted on 23 May, how is it that the water in the Pacific is higher than in the Chukchi Sea? Surely it would have evened out by now?!

The Water in the Pacific is less dense – it takes up more space so the height of the water is greater than in the Arctic.  Since water flows downhill it flows from the Pacific to the Arctic.

See the post by our resident author, Dallas Murphy: “Ocean Action”.

Has Ben (Documentarian) got enough clothes having lost his baggage on transfer?

Ben has become quite the fashionista of the trip!  He went shopping at the Alaskan Ship Supply store in Dutch Harbor and has more clothing than anyone else on the ship.  We can’t wait to see what shirt he will be sporting for any particular day.  The black shirt with imitation rhinestone lettering is a favorite!  The furry hat is exceptionally stylish, as well.


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