Summer Class of Carol M. from Palo Alto asked:

Have you seen the mother polar bear teaching or modeling behavior?

Unfortunately, we have not been close enough to do much observing, and it’s especially difficult if the ship is moving. We’ve only seen one mother with cubs so far.  We did, however, see the mother bear turn and wait for the cubs to catch up with her- she watched as one of the cubs struggled to get up and over a tall chunk of ice.  In the photo, it looks as though she is encouraging the cub to move along and keep up!  (polar baby bear struggles- image)

Have you seen the cubs copying behaviors of the adult?

Sadly, no, for reasons mentioned above.  I wish we could get close enough to see such things happening.  But it’s been amazing and wonderful just to see them!!

Do you know why the color of the bears’ fur appears yellow?

The oils from the seals they eat makes the fur look yellow.

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