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Class of Gail P.

How fast is the boat?

The Healy can go 17 knots per hour (22 miles per hour) which may sound slow for a car but for a ship it is fast.

What reason, other than global warming, could the ice be melting? ice and water

The ice is melting because warmer waters are coming into the arctic from other oceans,

and air temperatures in the arctic are increasing causing the ice to melt faster.

How big is the boat?

The ship is 420 feet long.

What company made the boat?

The Healy was constructed by Avondale Industries in New Orleans, Lousiana in 1996.

What do you eat?

Please see the post, “Ship Life.”

Is it dangerous to walk on the ice?

Yes, it can be dangerous.  Fortunately, we have the Coast Guard taking care of us.

The area they section off is the area in which we must stay within while taking samples.

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  1. Erin Curtis

    Eagle rock Elementry 1st grade class mrs. Curtis class question..what do you find more challenging while on the ice and on the boat in the arctic? Why is global warming so important to know about?


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